'I Am Circling around God, Around the Ancient Tower, And i Have Been Circling For A Thousand Years, And I Still Don't Know If I Am A Falcon, Or A Storm, Or A Great Song"

Rainer Maria Rilke



Fragments of drawings and photographs make glory of pattern and color. Working in different mediums, the work is joined by the formal questions and answers working out on the surfaces. There are continuing dialogues about harmony and form, and a strong reliance on my instincts and desire for beauty in every direction  to see how far the representational can push against the abstract.


Layne Jackson is a visual artist painting botanical shapes and forms, rendered as create familiar imagery in a contemporary context. Jackson is exploring the unconsciousness effect of color and shape applied to found forms in the natural world.

Since 1997, she has resided in Chicago where the studio is located in a 19th century house and she is a full time painter.