Chicago Angels Project

Exhibition to Honor Children killed by violence in Chicago

Josef Glimer Gallery

Feb 12-27, 2015

How Shall the Heart be Reconciled. 2015. Gouache/Handmade Paper/Framed

In honor of Shamiya Adams, killed by a random bullet, attending a slumber party



Uplift Community High School Students' series of mosaic linoleum relief prints represent the spirits of youth claimed to senseless violence on the streets of Chicago. These prints, presented alongside works by noted Chicago artists, all respond to the horror of the growing youth violence in Chicago.


Featuring work by:

Uplift Community High School Student Artists

Susan Aurinko

Iwona Biedermann

David Gista

Doug Fogelson

Jean Marc Giboux

Chris Hefner

Layne Jackson

Teresa James

Marvin Tate

Lee Tracy


Inspired by the play The Gospel of Loving Kindness, this exhibition portrays the souls of children murdered in Chicago: